What we offer

Ready to go apps

We provide off the shelf app solutions for particular sectors. These apps allow your business to have its own logo-ed app without the associated development costs. 

App support

All of our apps are supported with issues and bugs being addressed as and when they are identified. We offer several levels of support to our app users.  

Bespoke App Development

We have developed bespoke apps for organisations across Ireland to replace existing paper based testing systems. 

Bespoke apps can be integrated with an organisations existing systems and provide functionality unique to that organisation. 

your organisation succeed.

SafeCerts and all of our testing apps provide simple, robust alternative solutions to paper based testing systems.

All apps provide users with the ability to record a new test, working on an existing test and search for a previously completed test. 

SafeCerts app

Removes Paper

Designed to remove the need for electricians and electrical contractors to record test results on paper.

Creates PDF

Takes users through the entire testing process and creates a template output in PDF format that can be sent to customers or any nominated email addresses.

Filing cabinet on the move

Record, store and retrieve test records easily, quickly and cost effectively while complying with current regulations.

The SafeCerts app for electrical contractors is ​available to download for Android and Apple platforms.

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“I’ve yet to have a problem with a pdf unlike I’ve had with paper books”

“SafeCerts allows me to have all my documents and testing info on my phone”